Bullying & Harassment: Training is Important?

As an employer you have an obligation to provide your staff a safe working environment for ALL of your employees. Your company is required to have a Bullying & Harassment policy. The policy on it’s own is not enough. You must ensure that your team understand the policy and what it means for them and the company. Part of that policy education is training.

Bullying and Harassment issues can have significant emotional, physical and mental impacts on the individuals involved. Therefore it is something that needs to be handled professionally and safely. Both the complainant and the respondent should be treated in a fair and sensitive manner. In order to do this, it is important that your team knows what to expect when a complaint is made.

Bullying & Harassment can also have very serious business impacts on your business. Unhealthy working environments lead to loss of productivity, high turnover and inefficiencies. It is also the leading cause of workplace anxiety and depression.

Anyone can be bullied or be a bully and the act of bullying and harassment can take many different forms. There is no “one size fit’s all” in these cases. The behaviour is also not limited to a supervisor/teammate relationship. Bullying & Harassment can go up, down, left and right. It is situational and opportunist. 


Educate on Bullying & Harassment:

Your company’s training and policies need to reflect not just what Bullying & Harassment is, but also HOW it will be handled if and when a situation occurs.

In many cases, the offending behaviour could have been mitigated or completely prevented with education and training. In other words, training your team on acceptable behaviour is key to building a healthy, functional workplace.

85% of companies that have delivered Bullying & Harassment training to their teams actually see a marked increase in managed complaints. However, this isn’t because the situation didn’t exist before. It is because the employees didn’t know how to handle what they were already experiencing.

Where the offending behaviour habitually exists within a company, training your team on your bullying & harassment policy can very effectively begin to change that internal behaviour. Leading to a healthier, happier workplace.

Training to Prevent Bullying & Harassment:

BLANKSLATE Partners has developed ComplianceHR. An online training portal that will ensure your company is current and compliant with all legislative training requirements. BLANKSLATE Partners has 35 years of collective policy development and training development. Uniquely positioned to make sure that your employees and your company are protected and educated,  our online training portal our online training course are compliant with employment standards and WorksafeBC’s recommendations.