NEW!!! ComplianceHR Bullying & Harassment Training

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!  Your companies’ accessible and affordable ONLINE Bullying & Harassment is here.

Having a safe, secure, and compliant work environment is critical to your company and your employees’ continuation and success. Providing this is you, the employers, responsibility. We are here to help you do this efficiently and effectively.


We are committed to building better, stronger working environments. Helping you create a safe, compliant, and supportive work environment where your employees are legally and respectfully treated is our mission.


This online training offers your organization a simple and affordable way to be compliant by educating your managers, supervisors, and employees. Our online training teaches your teams how to recognize, respond to, and report incidents and complaints of bullying and harassment.  Above all, the online training portable allows this to be accessible to all, anywhere, and at any time. This means really there are no excuses not to be compliant!


Coming fall 2020, we will be releasing online Diversity and Inclusion training, HR101 for new Businesses, Recruitment 101 and Manager Training


Why take ComplianceHR’s Bullying and Harassment training?

Having a Bullying and Harassment policy is mandatory for all employers according to employment standards here in Canada. Therefore, training on that policy is also vital! For instance, Worksafe will ask; Do you have a policy, and importantly AND did you receive training? When the answer is no, it can impact what follows! 


BLANKSLATE Partners have built a unique and engaging training program that is compliant with the requirements AND gives the companies confidence that a) they are training their people properly, but b) they are building better working environments for their employees!


For more information and to sign up online head to our COMPLIANCEHR ONLINE STORE