Bullying & Harassment Investigations

What We Do

Workplace misconduct allegations and bullying & harassment investigations can be overwhelming both for employers and employees. You, the employer, have an obligation to respond to all workplace allegations of misconduct. How you respond can either create or mitigate your risk.

BLANKSLATE Partners are trained and certified to help support your company and your employees through an impartial workplace investigation.

As members of the Association of Workplace Investigators, we will accurately ascertain the facts of any workplace misconduct allegation. Walking you through this process step by step. From planning, implementing and conducting the 3rd party independent investigation protocol, to documenting the outcome results. You and your employees will feel supported and secure every step of the way. Our approach is trauma-informed. Importantly, we understand the effects of trauma on individuals and their recounting of events.
Workplace investigations are more prevalent today than ever before, and the employer obligations are continuing to evolve and respond to this.

Additionally, our experts will help your workplace reconcile, heal and move forward after an investigation. Reconciling the workplace and ensuring you are building better, stronger, workplaces!