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Culture & Leadership Training

Invest in the growth of your people. BLANKSLATE Culture & Leadership Training Packages equip you and your team with the knowledge and tools you need to build a better, stronger workplace. We offer a range of customizable modules and workshops under four pillars: Leadership Fundamentals, Vision, Values & Culture, Employer Brand & Recruitment Training, and Global Workforce Training.

Leadership Fundamentals

Empower your team and build a foundation of success with our comprehensive leadership and HR training packages.

  • HR 101 for Startups

    • How to hire first employees
    • How to be a good employer
    • HR checklist for new companies

  • Bullying & Harassment

    • WorkSafeBC compliance training
    • Diversity and sensitivity in the workplace

  • Discover Your Strengths

    • Discover & strengthen your intrinsic abilities
    • Build on the strengths of your team
    • Learn to lead by playing to your strengths

  • Getting Sh*t Done

    • Running productive meetings
    • Tough conversations
    • Cross-team communication: break down the silos
    • Coaching & 1-on-1s

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  • The core course is 16 hours and can be done in either 2 full day sessions or 4 half day sessions. This can be customized to suit your needs.
  • $1500-$1800 Per Person +applicable taxes

Vision, Values & Culture

Learn the tools and best practices essential to defining and living your company’s unique culture.

  • Vision

    • Why does your company exist?
    • What problem are you solving?
    • How can you tell your story?
    • What is the future you want to create?

  • Values Discovery

    • Who are you?
    • How do you work?
    • What do you stand for?
    • How can you live and breathe your values every day?

  • Core Values Alignment

    • What’s in the air? Assessing implicit & explicit company norms.
    • Create an employee-led culture: team sessions to unlock your aspirations.
    • How do you cultivate transparency among your brand ambassadors?

  • Creating An Intentional Culture

    • Learn how to build a values-enriched workplace: check-ins, culture deck, practices & processes
    • Designing a performance system that works for you
    • Creating & sharing your company roadmap
    • Educating & enrolling new hires into your values, vision & culture

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  • One day workshop for leaders, lunch & learns for employees.
  • $1500-$2000 Per Person +applicable taxes

Employer Brand & Recruitment Training

Attract top talent with our innovative Employer Brand & Recruitment Training modules.

  • Employer Brand Training

    • Learn how to transform your website into a shop window for candidates
    • Candidate experience: treat every candidate as a future customer
    • Identify your ambassadors: who are your brand advocates?
    • What is your company’s recruitment journey?

  • Recruitment Training

    • How to hire for values & inclusion
    • Design a data-driven recruitment solution
    • Your hiring team: behavioural interviews, training your hiring managers

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Global Workforce Training

Acquire the tools and training you need to manage your own immigration programs with confidence and ease.

  • Managing Remote Teams

    • Philosophy, communication, awareness
    • Localization: vacation & benefits, compliance, compensation, values alignment
    • team engagement: skills & tools, time management
    • workforce operations

  • Immigration Training

    • Recruiter training: work permit qualifications, timelines, how to manage the process for global candidates
    • Immigration compliance training: managing LMIA based work permits through salary increases and promotions

  • Mobility Strategy

    • Canadian temporary immigration applications: NAFTA, Labour Market Impact Assessments, GATS
    • Canadian Permanent Residency: Express Entry, Foreign Skilled Workers, Canadian Experience Class, Provincial Nominee Programs

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