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BLANKSLATE’s HR recruitment & growth experts help you attract top talent and scale your company quickly and cost-effectively. We provide end-to-end recruitment services, from headhunting and sourcing to interviewing and shortlisting talent on an hourly basis. We will help guide you through the negotiations and offer process and set you and your new employee up with a 30/60/90 day onboarding plan. We offer in-depth support and customized recruitment on an hourly, on-demand basis to help you develop great people practices for your workplace.


Technical Recruitment:

We have a team of specialized technical recruiters that makes hiring everything from CTO’s, to QAs simple and straightforward. Our technical recruiters and skilled in prescreening technical talent so that you can trust the skills and expertise of the individuals you are interviewing.

90% of all roles filled by our recruitment team are technical in nature.


Licenced International Recruitment Services:

With one million job openings forecast in B.C. in the next decade in the technical industry, many of our clients are looking internationally for talent. Workers with tech skills are expected to be in high demand (as if they aren’t already!) In response to this need and in accordance with the Temporary Foreign Workers Act, we are able to bring in international talent specifically for your growing business needs. This allows us to offer end-to-end recruitment services from head-hunting through to immigration, then onboarding and onwards with your teams.