Join Canada’s Hottest Tech Innovators at Metabridge 2018

Alissa Bakker

BLANKSLATE is excited to announce our partnership with Metabridge, Canada’s VIP technology retreat. We can’t wait to join the country’s top CEOs and innovators in the heart of BC wine country on June 6-8 for Metabridge 2018. As lead-up to the big event, we’ll be featuring stories, interviews, and tips from the technology leaders who help make Metabridge the can’t-miss, networking event of the year.

To kick off our Metabridge series, BLANKSLATE sat down with Sehra Bremner, Executive Director of Metabridge. Sehra shared her tips for scoring an invitation to Metabridge, and how its curated approach gives scale-ups a platform to tell their story, and smooths the way for meaningful, long-term connections between founders, mentors, advisors, and VCs.

What is the Metabridge Top 15?

Each year Metabridge selects 15 companies to be showcased at the retreat. The companies introduce who they are, tell their story, and Metabridge makes sure they’re introduced to the right people. Whether it’s making introductions, or setting up 1-on-1 meetings, Metabridge connects the Top 15 companies to a whole community of founders and mentors. Some people are looking for investments, others want connections in Silicon Valley, and it’s great because we’re at the point where we can make those things happen.

“Metabridge let us form key connections with founders and investors by sharing our story at a beautiful setting.”

metabridge 2018
Credit: Pinstripe Productions

~Showbie, Top 15 Innovator

What makes Metabridge stand out from other networking events?

At Metabridge we take an informal yet curated approach to networking. The total number of attendees is around 150, but we break it down into smaller groups of 10 to 20 people. There’s more opportunities for conversation and potential for connection.

The format is different too. Instead of sitting in a hotel room listening to presentations, attendees get the chance to tour a winery, relax on a yacht, play hockey with ex-NHL players, or take a helicopter ride above the Okanagan Valley. Whatever experience people choose, they’ll find themselves in a small group of like-minded people, comparing challenges and offering solutions.

Metabridge 2018 is an executive, invite-only event. How do founders get an invitation?

Metabridge has an advisory committee that evaluates each applicant, but it can be tough: we receive lots of applications! That’s why the nomination process is a big help. Referrals help us gain insight into the companies applying. Who are they? What do they value? For us, it’s about hearing their stories, and learning why they’re doing what they do.

This year marks the 10th anniversary for Metabridge. How are you celebrating?

For year 10, we’re inviting back all the Top 15 innovators from the last decade. The previous attendees are a bit farther along now, so it’s really wonderful to hear that they want to come back and offer mentorship to the new wave of companies. 

Even for our tenth anniversary, we want to keep the vibe small and intimate. Metabridge will always be about celebrating Canadian innovation. It’s never going to be about growing into the biggest event in Canada. It’s about connecting like-minded people—scale-ups to VCs, founders to other founders—so they can share their experiences, and learn from each other. 

Interested in attending Canada’s VIP technology retreat? Apply now for Metabridge 2018.

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