Pulse Check: What is it, and how does it help you?

Alissa Bakker

Your values are bigger than just four words on the wall, but are they truly reflected in your workplace?

At BLANKSLATE, we believe that it’s important to both understand your core values and actually put them into practice. That’s why we’ve come up with our signature HR Pulse Check, designed to help you understand how your people work.

We get it: day-to-day business keeps us all busy, and it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when there are so many immediate issues to deal with. However, we also recognize the importance of your #1 investment: your people. Our HR Pulse Check helps you understand and benchmark your  current HR strategy. Once you understand where you are, you’ll be able to discover your untapped opportunities and potential for growth. 

Where is your organization thriving, and where is it just surviving? 

The pulse check exercise helps you get clear on what’s really going on within your company. What is fact and what is story? How do people really feel—about their coworkers, their workload, their managers, or the direction of the company? Their answers might surprise you! 

Why conduct an external audit?

  • It shows that you care! External audits reinforce to employees that their organization cares about them and their opinions
  • It’s confidential, which means that people are more likely to share openly
  • Highlight potential concerns before they become problems
  • Take action with our strategic recommendations

What’s included in a BLANKSLATE Pulse Check?

Step One: Understanding Your Values

We start with the fundamentals: does your organization have your values clearly defined? Do employees know what these values are and understand how they operate in daily practice?

Step Two: Discover

We conduct interviews with randomly selected staff. Each interview takes approximately 45 minutes. We aggregate this confidential information on your company’s overall HR wellbeing, and then format it for an internal review at BLANKSLATE headquarters.

Step Three: Reflect

Our team of HR experts runs an HR-focused SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis of the interview data. We highlight common themes, areas of concern, and consistent highlights, and bring the full strength of our team to analyzing your data.

Step Four: Report

After our SWOT, we anonymize the data from our interviews and analysis to protect employee confidentiality. Then, we share a list of strategic recommendations with you and your leadership team. These suggestions help you strengthen and clarify your internal HR goals and opportunities. Depending on the situation and your preference, we offer a variety of solutions. 

Step Five: Take Action

Finally, BLANKSLATE assists you in building a 12-month plan with clear deliverable dates.  A firm timeline proves to your team that leadership will be held accountable for the company’s progress.

BLANKSLATE’s HR Pulse Check helps you get in touch with what’s really going on in your company, and (most importantly) equips you with the tools and knowledge you need to build a better, stronger workplace.

Are you ready to put your values into practice? Is it time for your Pulse Check?
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