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3 tips for recruiting in a candidate driven market

3 tips for recruiting in a Candidate-Driven market

Recruitment; It’s what everyone is talking about at the start of 2021. From the “Great Resignation” to the struggles for recruiting new talent. What does this mean for companies trying to scale AND What can you do to increase your chances of successful recruiting in a candidate-driven market?

Firstly, let’s be clear on what a candidate-driven market is.

A Candidate Driven market is this: “Candidates are often receiving multiple job offers, as well as their current employers trying to offer more for them to stay on as their employee.” For more on this, read here


Here are our 3 helpful tips for recruiting in this market:

1. WIIFM (or in this case Them).

What’s in it for me… This is what all the candidates want to know. And we’re not just talking comp. Why should they be interested in joining your company over anyone else’s? What makes you stand out. We don’t mean the typical Startup “Rocketship/ Rockstar” spiel – that’s just a turn-off. We mean, what are you doing to make a difference in the world? What interesting new technology are you using? What do you stand for?


2. Compensation.

You need to be competitive. Know what you can and can’t afford and don’t get into a bidding war. 

Understand that compensation is bigger than just the base salary. There are a number of factors that factor into total compensation; from benefits, with bonuses, equity and perks.

Interestingly in a remote-driven world of tech, smaller companies and tech startups are competing with the giants for talent. Years ago, we used to coach our clients that the person that wants to work at Amazon is not the same person that wants to work at a tech start-up. This line has blurred significantly during the pandemic as we all work from our home offices.


3. Be respectful. Be Kind.

You get one shot to make a good impression on an in-demand candidate. Make sure you are 100% clear on what you are hiring for and what you offer. Do not waste people’s time. Make your best impression the first time and be clear on why you think this person would be interested in your company and your role.

If you have taken the time to reach out to someone on LinkedIn and they have taken the time to respond, don’t leave them in the void. Don’t waste their time. Do your research on their skills set and experience before reaching out and understand that there is a balance of power in the process. You are not in the driving seat. They are. And most importantly remember people are humans. Be kind. If they have questions about your organization, hold space for them to ask these. The interview process goes two ways and this starts from the very first interaction.