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Hiring for skill over experience 

Hiring for skill over experience? Here’s why:

“Service industry work develops the ‘soft skills’ recruiters talk about on LinkedIn — discipline, promptness, the ability to absorb criticism, and most importantly, how to read people like a book. The work is thankless and fun and messy, and the world would be a kinder place if more people tried it”- Anthony Bourdain.

The hospitality industry has taken the biggest hit in the COVID-19 Pandemic. Beloved catering companies, restaurants and hotels went through mass layoffs and closures. This caused an influx of highly capable workers into the job market. Since then these highly capable workers are rethinking their career direction. BLANKSLATE believes that the skills gained in the hospitality industry are relevant and transferable to any industry or organization. Many of us did our time in this industry!

Hospitality Skills Job Matching:

Problem solving / resourcefulness / creative thinking

Every client/customer/guest that eats out, stays at a hotel or attends a catered event has their own unique set of needs, often, all at the same time. The hospitality professional is the one customers turn to in order to solve their issues and if they don’t have a solution it can reflect poorly on the business. Hospitality professionals are quite often resourceful. They are able to think on their feet quickly and have the ability to solve issues creatively. 

Skill Match: Marketing + Strategist + Admin: EA, Office Manager, Business Assistant + Event Planner + Project Coordinator + Operations Manager + Sales + Customer Support

Resiliency / Perform Under Pressure / Patience

The hospitality industry is a dynamic and demanding one. Whether pouring beers, in charge of guest services or running a kitchen; hospitality professionals are pros when it comes to wearing a smile and delivering a professional service. This ability to perform under pressure builds a type of patience and resiliency that is unique. 

Skill Match: Admin: EA, Office Manager, Business Assistant + Project Coordinator + Sales + Operations Manager + Customer Support

Communication / Managing expectations / Handle Rejection

A common customer service philosophy within the hospitality industry is; “the answer is yes, what is the question?” Therefore, this translates to businesses going above and beyond for their customers. There will be times when a request cannot be met and disappointment is inevitable. Customers are accustomed to this philosophy. Hearing the word no can be met with heightened emotions. Hospitality professionals quickly learn how to navigate these situations through effective communication and expectation setting, implementing their patience, resiliency and creative problem-solving skills. 

Skill Match: Sales + PR/Communications + Recruitment + Customer Support / Onboarding

Humility / Human Connection

The humility and love of human connection are what make the customer experience a magical one. Everyone is willing to play their part without hesitation. Whether it’s the seasoned manager carrying chairs through the restaurant for extra seating, or the front desk agent taking 10 minutes out of their day to hear about a grandparent meeting their grandchild for the first time. An experienced wedding planner holding a bride’s hand through the most important day of their life, it takes a certain type of person. The type of person always embodies humility. 

Skill Match: Customer Support + People Leadership + PR/Communications + Training and Development + Customer Onboarding

Multitasking / Teamwork

Everyone in the industry wears many hats. It is a well-oiled machine. A cooperative effort of individual skills and effective communication working collectively to solve problems and ensure a great experience. We wouldn’t be surprised if the phrase ‘work smarter not harder’ was coined in the hospitality industry.

Skill Match: Event Planner + Project Coordinator + Admin: EA, Office Manager, Business Assistant + Operations Manager