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Immigration Update March 2021. IEC 2021

Alisa Nelson

The 2021 IEC pools are now open for individuals looking to live or work in Canada temporarily. IEC is a fantastic program providing people with travel and work experience in Canada. For many, this program becomes the first step towards becoming a Permanent Resident. 

At this time only 23 countries are eligible. The quotas vary by country as well as by specific programs (Co-op Internship, Young Professionals, or Working Holiday). These quotas have been provided below and the 2021 pools will remain open until the quotas have been met.

Important: As per the Canadian government website, only IEC participants with a Port of Entry Letter of Introduction and a valid job offer are eligible to travel to Canada right now. In addition, anyone flying into Canada should review the “Flying to Canada” checklist.

What are the IEC Categories:

  • Co-Op Internship: For those in graduate school possessing a written job offer for a position approved by the IRCC in their related field. (Employer Specific Work Permit)
  • Young Professionals: For young professionals with a job offer looking to obtain Canadian work experience that with contributing to their professional development. (Employer Specific Work Permit)
  • Working Holiday Program: Allows individuals to work anywhere within Canada. Ordinarily, this category wouldn’t require a valid job offer. Under the current travel restrictions, a valid job offer is required to travel to Canada. (Open Work Permit)

Eligibility for each category by country can be found on the government website.

The following table provides Quotas by country and IEC category.

Country Working Holiday Quota Young Professional Quota International Co-op Quota
Australia Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Belgium 750 x x
Chile 725 20 5
Costa Rica 80 15 5
Czech Republic 1,000 145 5
Denmark 350 x x
France 7,100 2,200 4,250
Greece 180 10 10
Hong Kong 200 x x
Ireland 10,500 150 50
Italy 1,000 x x
Japan 6,500 x x
Luxembourg 80 10 TBA
Norway 130 15 5
Portugal 1,750 200 50
San Marino 25 x x
Slovakia 315 30 5
South Korea 4,000 x x
Spain 800 150 50
Sweden 580 100 20
Switzerland x 200 50
Taiwan 940 50 10
United Kingdom 5,000 x x