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Happy Birthday BLANKSLATE! An open letter to the BLANKSLATE Team.

Izzie Egan

Happy Birthday BLANKSLATE! An open letter to the BLANKSLATE Team.

To all of the BLANKSLATE Team members past, present and future, who have been part of this journey. Firstly, Thank You.

May 1st 2015.

BLANKSLATE Partners was officially incorporated and born. The love child of an Immigration Expert and an HR Talent Nerd. Danielle and I had big dreams and lofty goals. We wanted to make the world a better place through helping companies create better, stronger workplaces. We worked hard. We sweated. We ate ramen noodles. We met some incredible team members, who are still with us today. We made it through the first year. 


Starting a business is tough. It takes determination and grit. It takes hardness and it takes love. It takes something inside of you to keep going everyday in the face of failure, fear and self doubt. I am grateful every day for the people that have wanted to be part of this journey with me. We created BLANKSLATE to make a difference, not just in other people’s lives, but also our own. We wanted to rethink what work looked like. We wanted freedom and space, when other companies sort to tighten the restrictions. We wanted families, and balance and to work in environment that filled us up, instead of depleting us. We wanted to chase our goals and dreams and to walk away from what people considered the “way of work” and the corporate ladder. We wanted a choice.


The core values of BLANKSLATE Partners define us.

Partnership, Creativity and Learning. I have often said, in order for BLANKSLATE to work, “It has to be good for everyone.” This means for our team, our clients, our business and ourselves. Each decision we make is based and grounded in those values.


Today we are cruising into our 5th year. I am so grateful to every single person that has touched our lives and our company. Every single person has left their mark, and taken something from it. I hope that each experience with BLANKSLATE has been good for everyone. I also recognise how lucky I am to be surrounded by a team of smart and incredible women. Most of whom have been with me since the beginning.


We have gone through so much.

We’ve changed ownership. We’ve had babies. We’ve travelled. We have filled our cups. We’ve given HR support to over 150 companies, across Canada from Coast to Coast, down the West Coast to California and across to NYC. We’ve placed over 650 candidates into companies we love. We’ve immigrated over 50 people that otherwise would not work in Canada’s. We have walked our clients through terminations, complex HR issues, compensation designs and redesigns, workforce planning, training, HR audits, policy implementations, HRIS implementations, and so much more. 



Here we are supporting our clients through a global pandemic. Helping the companies we love disassemble, reassemble and restart. I’ve never been prouder. Prouder of the team we are, the clients we have, the candidates we work with, the work we do. We make business better, stronger workplaces. Every. Single. Day. 


The future

As we look to the future, we get to re-imagine the possibility of the workplace both for ourselves and for our clients. We get to create from a blankslate, what that might look like, feel like and be like. We will help our clients re-create, re-imagine and re-ground in “how” they work and we will help them grow.

This year we will continue to elevate our clients businesses to better, stronger workplaces. We will roll out our Online ComplianceHR  Training and will continue to developing a Machine Learning tech that will revolutionise Jobsearching.

Thank you to all of you. I am grateful to each and everyone of you for your support and love.