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You’ve been laid off: Are you ok?

You’ve been laid off: Are you ok?

Are you one of the million Canadians laid off in the past few weeks due to COVID-19? Are you wondering what to do when you’ve been laid off? Know this: you aren’t alone. It’s normal now to feel scared, overwhelmed and judgemental of yourself, others and how we are all dealing with this collective crisis. Theres are unprecedented times and we are all in this together.

Here are three ideas for how you can regain control internally with so much uncertainty externally. 


Feel your Feelings: 

Being laid off can be stressful. Even the master meditators and emotional athletes among us are experiencing extra resistance. We require additional support navigating strong emotions when it feels so uncertain. Have some extra time on your hands? Why not turn off all distractions and listen to your emotions. Invite your fear, anger, sadness, loneliness  in. Make them a cup of tea, give them a name and ask them how it feels. Write it down, cry it out and use your voice to express what you’ve been holding inside – perhaps for much longer than COVID-19.  


Connect to your body: 

When was the last time you felt your heart beat? Connected to your breath? Noticed the energy created when you rub your hands together really fast? Ask your body what it needs. Slow down, sit still and breath. Or stomp, scream, shake and stretch. Spend time appreciating what a miraculous creation your body is and the power we each have to move the energy within it.      


Make a plan: 

Turn off the news. (Do it now – trust us, you will feel better.) Make a list of what you can control right now. Maybe it’s as simple as the thoughts you think, the words you speak and the beliefs you hold. Ask yourself frequently through the day: with this thought am I adding momentum to the problem or the solution? (Remember words create!)

  • Write down three actions each day that you can take to create positive momentum. Call a friend and tell them you love them. Clean your space, dance to your favourite song. Then set a timer for 30 minutes and complete them one by one.
  • Have something to look forward to. Maybe its a daily schedule or just one activity daily. Decide to cook a delicious meal, schedule a video chat with friends, sign up for a webinar or online course.
  • Be gentle with yourself. Include activities of self care, ease and relaxation each day… Resist the need to always hustle and take time to find the calm centre within all of us. 



Remember, we are all in this together. Take small actions each day to acknowledge and clean up our own internal state. Don’t be afraid to ask for support. Be kind and compassionate. We will emerge stronger, more centred and aligned to ourselves and others.